nashville, tennessee

Hikko Mori

Hikko Mori’s music is characterized by its soulful harmonies, retro-inspired grooves, and jazz-infused elements, creating an enthralling auditory experience that captivates listeners.

His carefully chosen selection of tracks maintains a dynamic energy and fosters a feel-good atmosphere, making it an ideal accompaniment for both lively parties and tranquil relaxation sessions.

Hikko Mori exhibits a profound understanding of the complexities intrinsic to each genre, enabling him to transition smoothly between tracks. This results in an uninterrupted musical journey that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. His fervor for music is palpable in every beat, creating an infectious rhythm that invites listeners to move in sync with the music. 

Before hopping behind the decks, Nashville-based dj and producer Anthony Merriweather, known by his alias Hikko Mori, found an outlet with music in beatmaking – drawing inspiration from the likes of Madlib, Dirty Projectors, The Beastie Boys and Stereolab early in his musical journey.

Whether sourcing sounds from obscure private press records to scouring the internet for the best tracks to fit a mood or venue – he prides himself as a crate digger that prioritizes curation over technicality. His presence in the booth evades an ego-driven approach and remains focused on the musical presentation.

He’s created a name for himself thanks to uploads of mixes on his Youtube channel – with his most popular vinyl mix surpassing 1 million views within six months of publishing. Since, he’s made appearances with mixes on My Analog Journal and Radio 1001 in London, England, and Maxi Radio in Leiden, Netherlands. He’s spent his career thus far curating sounds for bars and lounges around Nashville and has shifted his focus toward international gigs his Youtube channel, music production and projects sanctioned by his label Hikko Works.

Defected Records - “10 DJ sets we’ve been loving recently!“
  1. My Analog Journal (London)
  2. Music Is My Sanctuary (Montreal)
  3. Cafe 1001 (London)
  4. W Hotel (Nashville)
  5. The Blue Room @ Third Man Records (Nashville)
  6. Only You Lounge (Norfolk)
  7. Maxi Radio (Netherlands)
  8. No Hard Feelings (Chattanooga)
  9. Exile Off Main (Chattanooga)
  10. Vinyl Tap (Nashville)
  11. Geist Bar + Restaurant (Nashville)